Water test kit, including analysis.


Radon in water test kit from AccuStar with english user manual..

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Radon in water test kit from AccuStar with english user manual.

The vial must be filled of water and then must be sent to the AccuStar laboratory in USA.

Laboratory analysis fees are included in the price.

Vial must reach US Laboratory within 4 days after closing the vial, otherwise the test become invalid.

RadonScan offer pre-addressed and pre-paid envelopes to send your dosimeters to the laboratory.  Don’t forget to add this item to your cart, if you are interested.

To be sure the water does not freeze during shipping, one heat pack is included in this item.

Laboratory will send directly to customer their result by email and by mail, one week after receiving the canister.

A standard boro-silicate glass VOA sample collection vial with Teflon sepa cap is used for sample collection. In the laboratory, a measured aliquot of the water sample is mixed with scintillation cocktail in a glass test vial. Radon preferentially dissolves into the cocktail over period of several hours. The vial is then placed in a shielded chamber for counting. Alpha particles emitted by the breakdown products of Radon create scintillations, or flashes of light, in the cocktail.

A photo-multiplier tube detects these scintillation’s, the signal is electronically enhanced and the effect of the alpha particles are counted. Background counts are subtracted and the net counts are entered into a formula with other relevant data yielding quantitative results.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggest to have a radon level in water of maximum 4,000 pCi/L (148,000Bq/m3).
Ref: Radon in Water – EPA

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