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Corentium gives you the possibility to read the average value for 1 day, for 7 days, and accumulative for the last year. Being battery powered, the monitor can easily be moved around the building, in order to get the full overview of the radon in the home, the workplace, the school or in the kindergarten.  Compared to traditional technology, Corentium makes it much easier to identify room with higher radon concentration.

With an accuracy of ±5%, the Corentium is the most accurate electronic radon monitor for domestic use.


The detection of radon of the Corentium is based on the principle that radon gas diffuses into a detection chamber. When the radon atoms decay they emit energetic alpha particles. The alpha particles are detected by a silicon photo diode. Every alpha particle generates a small signal current when it hits the photo diode. By the use of a low-power amplifier stage the signal current is converted into a larger voltage signal. The maximum amplitude of the voltage signal is detected and sampled by an analog to digital converter (ADC). The amplitude is proportional to the energy of the alpha particle that hit the photo diode. The brain of the monitor is a micro-controller that registers the time and energy of every detected particle. This information is used to calculate the mean radon gas concentration for daily, weekly and yearly periods. This is all realized in electronic circuitry that in total only consumes a few microwatts of power, making the Corentium able to operate for almost 3 years on a single set of small AAA alkaline batteries.

Warranty: 1 year.

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